Everything we need to lead and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle has been provided by our creator, and if we choose
to exercise and eat a proper and balanced diet, we will experience the full, healthy, and rich life God wants for us!
It is my goal as a Fitness Professional, to motivate and inspire my clients, viewers, and readers to make fitness
and proper nutrition a way of life for themselves and their family and loved ones. In my 30 year career I have
compiled formal training and experience that I feel make me a uniquely, qualified and trustworthy choice
as your information, instruction, and if needed, your motivation source. Within this sight you will find:

FREE (book and videos), REASONABLE (requests to seek me out at affordable rates), and finally, you will find
a PERSONAL option (phone and web counseling, to personal training sessions and seminar availability).

Yours in Health! Robert Dothard