I have been a trainer for over 25 years, and I have been married for over 17 of those years, and every now and then, I am
actually asked for "fitness" advice by family members. My mother in law had a heart attack and we purchased special equipment
and put her on a routine to help prevent another. My 9 year old plays hockey, and I am now the "Off Ice" coach for his team,
but nothing tops the fitness advice given to my wife, as you would imagine.

Recently, my wife has been having serious back issues, and after many painful procedures her treatment has come down to two
major components. She does exercises, which I prescribed and showed her, and she realizes that she must eat less (and more
nutritious, less fattening foods), and be very consistent with her cardiovascular habits (riding a stationary bike or walking on a
treadmill are her two "go to" cardio exercises).

To summarize, my wife has to eat (smarter) better, and exercise (both strength and cardio)! Now do you think if those two fitness
components did not work, I would prescribe them to someone I have to live with for the rest of my life (the obvious answer is no:-).
I can guarantee regular exercise and proper nutrition will always (minus any medical condition that would prevent it) give you
great fitness results!

If you don't believe me, prove me wrong. Try it in 2016 and see what happens. If you don't know how, take a look around my
website. My book and fitness videos are free download to download. If you're in the Atlanta area and looking for more hands on
training, my private training studio in Smyrna offers "soup to nuts" instruction for an average of $60 per session.

Either way, I pray you make this year your Best Fitness Year Ever, thanks.