The Unexpected Benefits of Fitness

In Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday (1/28/14), residents like myself, experienced what we hope will be a once in a lifetime
weather event that left many people stranded in their vehicles all over the city. Most had to abandon their cars and
walk. Many for several miles! I have talked to many people over the years, and convinced them that as they exercise
they will feel and look better, but I never discuss how being healthy and fit would help them handle a crisis.

As I watched coverage of the weather event, I saw many people were stranded simply because they were unable to
attempt a walk to the next exit or to shelter on the surface streets. While most of those stranded may have had
medical issues preventing them from walking untold miles, some may have just been unable or unwilling because of
the effects of poor health and fitness decisions they've made in the past.

Whether it's being stranded in your car, getting out of a burning building, or away from any other dangerous
environment, it's obvious to me that being healthy and fit is a benefit in emergency situations. It will help
you get away from harm and toward safety and enable you to help those less able. It is my hope that you either
start or continue to exercise and eat better so you can be ready the next time you find yourself in a crisis!
If you need some guidance getting started, check out the resources on this site, including free workout videos
and a free fitness guide, or contact me at my fitness studio, Fit Family.