Are You and Your Family "Swimwear" Ready?

I always tell my clients to move every day, watch what they eat, and do strength training at least 2-3 times per week,
but I was never so glad I follow my own advice as I was during this last Christmas break! My family decided late in
the year to take a trip to the Bahamas during the holidays, and of course this meant that we would be wearing swimwear
in the middle of winter.

My weight and body fat was the same during the Christmas holidays in almost 80 degree weather (see picture), as it was
before, when the weather was freezing, and after, when Atlanta set a record of 8 degrees, the week of our return.
My family was ready, because we eat well and everyone in my home exercises. So from the 7 year old all the way up to
his grandmother, we were all in swimwear and we all felt great!

I know you’re probably thinking, "Of course you're all fit. You're a professional trainer!" It's true, I may know more
exercises or muscle groups than you, but it's a genuine passion for being healthy and inspiring others to get healthy
that motivates me. You and your family can adopt the same habits we have: eat modest-sized healthy meals, enjoy
regular activity, and include strength training into your workouts. It all comes down to you making a decision to get
healthy and then acting to achieve it. Once you do, you'll start seeing the same results we have.