Many people get gym memberships at the beginning of the year as a solution to their health and fitness issues but most
big box gyms are not actually designed to get you healthy and fit. The business model of the mega gym is to collect a modest
fee from thousands more members than the center can accommodate, knowing that only a small percentage of members will
actually use the facilities.

These clubs keep minimal schedules and a small staff in order to keep payroll down. Because these gyms usually pay
minimum wage, they often attract trainers and aerobic instructors who are inexperienced or unqualified. Many are
uncertified or certified "in-house" by the gym employing them.

I know because I spent 15 years working part time in these type of gyms. I tried in vain to change their business model
and shift their focus to the clients instead of the bottom line.

The only way to get clients fit and improve their health is with a proper facility and professionally certified staff.
That's not what traditional gyms offer. This is why I opened my training studio, and came up with my own unique aerobic format.

I was recently featured on CNN discussing how to avoid the expenses and false promises of gym membership. If you want
results more than a membership card, watch Skip the gym, get your own gear to find out how.